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3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


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Hey everybody, here's an article pointing out affiliate marketing mistakes that are common in beginners.

1. Not providing value up-front

I see a lot of affiliates pushing a course, software, or product with little to no value up-front. Instead of helping the customer "Like, Know, and Trust" you, you are pushing a course. Why would anybody buy something from you if you've done nothing for them.

Creating valuable content helps a lot as an affiliate. Whether you are creating a blog, YouTube Channel, or whatever other traffic source you are using. You need to be willing to provide real value up-front if you expect anybody to buy on the back end.

2. No bonus stack

A bonus stack, as Russell Brunson calls it, is the key to selling online. As an affiliate, since you have no product advantage over other affiliates in your niche, you need to separate yourself somehow.

A bonus stack is an added value exclusive to your offer of an affiliate product. So let's say you are looking to sell a Keto Cookbook. If you are selling a Keto Cookbook, provide a Keto Checklist in addition. So now when they buy the cookbook, they know and understand what other precautions they should be doing in addition to the Keto diet.

3. No sales funnel

Sales funnels are still not being utilized as much as they should be. I see a ton of beginner marketers not applying a sales funnel. Well, you are missing out on profit. Whether you are generating sales, you would be generating more with a funnel.

There's a few reasons for this. First, being the optimization of the buyer process. You can hand-pick everything that is sent to your buyer, based on previous actions. Second, you collect an email, phone number, or Facebook messenger for the back-end. Let's say two years down the road, you create a new course. Well, conveniently enough you've been building up a targeted email list for those two years. Why not send out an email to these customers who have shown an interest in the past? There's no reason you shouldn't, it's how a ton of the top affiliates have success online.

Hope you all enjoyed this, and found it useful!

Thanks for your time,
Dylan Gordon