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There are a few methods to find relevant affiliates for promoting your affiliate program. some of these methods can be time killing tasks.

How many times affiliate managers publish post at forum/social networks and advertise their affiliate program? Almost every affiliate manager does this frequently. You can say that searching and recruiting new affiliates is one of the major tasks for every affiliate manager.

As affiliate manager, you join social networks/ forums/ group chats. In order to succeed in recruiting affiliates, you must be active; post your contents, comments to other profiles and make new connections and you should do this over and over, but keep in mind that social media marketing can waste much of your time. You must set your goals: how many posts, how many comments, how many invites for new connections you are aiming - and stay focused. Otherwise you will find your days ending with no promotion.

I have asked one of my clients, what are their goals as company for affiliate manager regarding recruit new affiliate every month. his answer was " I wish to have 100 new affiliates every month".

How much effort do you need as affiliate manager to recruit 100 new affiliates every month?

One of your biggest challenge is irrelevant affiliates: when you run search, typing keywords you get website with no display ads, irrelevant content or your competitors websites and you will need to analyze min 2000 different websites in order to get 200 relevant websites to invite.

You can also advertise at directories, ppc or other advertising channels but you can also use imecaff.com as your relevant affiliate search service.

Search engines: this is one of the famous recruiting effort made by affiliate managers. Using many keywords, searching page results and sorting all competitors that worked and thought same way like you did, pages without display ads and irrelevant website.

On an average, an affiliate manager will sort minimum 2000 websites in order to have 200 accurate and relevant results.

If you measure loading time, at 2-3 minutes' minimum analyzing each website (if you are fast and well experienced) you will spend an estimated 4000 minutes, that's 66 hours, for only 200 websites.

Now you can use imecaff.com service and save almost 70% of your time.

So, ask yourself, what can you do with 70% free time and how will this affect your affiliate program.

Welcome to 2017, search is easy, invite 500-1000 relevant and new affiliates each month with imecaff.com search service and you will have the time to invest in personal relations between you and the affiliates you have recruited.