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FREE Be an expert in math after 10+ grade !


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Are you weak in Math & want to excel in it at 10+ level?
In my 10 years of teaching experience I have realized that main reason for students not liking the particular subject is inappropriate teaching method . Construction of the course is such that weak students will develop interest in the subject and strong student can excel.
Entire syllabus discussed in the video being huge distributed over 4 courses .This is thread is for course one , remaining 3 are yet to come .
To achieve best results students are advised to solve assignments given at the end of every lecture and also check the answers with the correct answer. Unless you do this for first lecture no point to go to next lecture . ( Strictly follow this ) . Your doubts /difficulties will be clarified through personal communications.
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Your reviews are very important to us as they motivate us to help you achieve great success in your academics.

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nice share keep it up