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NEW Beta Family Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Beta Family is a beta testing website that allows anyone to join as long as you have an Android, iOS, or wearable device. This could be a smartphone or even a tablet. An app developer will create a brand new app and before it is released to the public, they will need to make sure the app is working correctly. That is where you come in. Your job will be to install this app on your mobile device and test the app for the developer. Beta testing can be fun and so many companies use this to test their new apps or even software. I have been a beta tester for years and find this a great way to gain new software or even apps without paying for them. The developers are so happy to give you their beta copy to test and each time they make an update the beta version is updated first.

How Does This Work?
  • Everyone by now knows the drill and understands before you can do anything you must first register on the site.
  • Just take a close look at the sign-up page because it is used for companies and also for testers Just click on the right tab before you start the registration process.
  • You’ll have a choice how you want to register. You can register using your Facebook account, your Google account, or even your email address with a password. I would rather register with any site using an email address. I don’t like linking my FB or Google accounts to the registration process.
  • Now that you’re done registering you need to go to your profile and add your mobile devices.
  • If you add an iOS phone the company will send you an email asking you to open the email in your Safari browser. They need to trap your UDID code from your phone. Once the email is opened in your Safari browser, Safari will send the information back to the company. That is all you need to do.
About the Tests:
  • Brand new testers need to build up their reputation on the site. Therefore, you’ll need to take a lot of free tests in order to do this.
  • The site has paid tests and free tests.
  • The reputation score on your account is important. The score is used when you apply for a paid test. The app developer will look at your profile and score and determine if you are a good fit for their test.
  • That is why you need to do a lot of free tests on the app when you first join.
How Are You Paid?
  • You’ll only get paid if you are chosen for a paid test. The paid test is normally $5 or $10. I see there are not so many $10 tests on the site.
  • After finishing a test it can take up to 30 days, sometimes longer, to see the money in your account.
  • You need $50 before you can request a payout. This isn’t automatic and you have to ask for your money.
  • Here is what I don’t like, It takes the company6 30 days to process your payment request before they send the money to your PayPal account.
This is a nice site, has anyone ever tried it before?