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NEW Bitcoin Plus App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Note : This app is only for smartphone , Link- bitcoinplus.page.link/Download
Go to this above Link , download and install the app , enter your phone number , password , coinbase email to register in the app.
This app pays to coinbase email , it pays in bitcoin.
Work : You just need to view an ad and cut it , you can view 20 ads per 4 hours . Note : 1 ad view = 2.5 points earned . Thereby reaching 0.00001 bitcoin in just one day and withdraw it to coinbase email, minimum amount to withdraw is 200 points. The value of 200 points will vary between 0.000008 btc - 0.00001 btc , it depends on the value of bitcoin at that time.
Payment is done within 24 hours , sometimes it takes 48 hours.
I have done totally 105 withdrawals since the launch of app, so this app is completely trusted .
It pays only to coinbase email in bitcoin.

Here is my payment proofs.