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LEGIT Blasting News Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Blasting News is a writing website where a freelancer is paid to write trending articles mostly news. The site has a wide scope and accommodates writers from all over the world. It also offers a platform where you can write more than one language that is, English, Spanish and French. The good thing about the site is that you chose your on a topic as per the categories outlined on the site then write. Previously, they use to pay writers for each article published at a flat rate of $3 per article but currently, they are paying on views.

Merits or the Blasting News
  1. You chose your own topic and write
  2. it is flexible
  3. accommodate more just English speaking freelancers
  4. It has a nice referral scheme
  1. They have a complicated way of posting articles
  2. The current view based compensation scheme doesn't suit everybody well.
I heard about this site in 2017 and worked on it for sometime till I got some better sites that are easier to use. It is highly recommended for those who have access to a greater social fan base on social media. They pay extremely well.