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Before we start, sorry for my english (i'm from indonesia).
Hello everyone
Little tips from me for you who play blogs by installing adsense ads.
about 4 months ago I was an adsense publisher.
Here I will give tips on how to earn money by collaborating google adsense and facebook ads.
  1. Create a blog with niche news or gossip or it could be technology, it's up to you. My suggestions for news-themed blogs (almost everyone loves news)
  2. make posting at least 20-30 posts at the beginning of the blog (must pass copy paste).
  3. Create one viral post. how.?, search on google tranding. (https://trends.google.com/trends)
  4. Create a title that makes people very interested to see your post example, you can see on the site that I always visit here: mirror.co.uk/all-about/viral)
  5. Make a mark on the cover image like a red circle, or a red arrow (anything that makes people curious).
  6. Make sure your blog address has become a TLD like .com .net.

  1. Create a fanpage.
  2. Send all your blog posts to fanspage.
  3. Submit your last post that I discussed above.
  4. Create a facebook ads campaign.
  1. Create a target as specific as possible.
  2. Do not target countries, suppose you only target usa. Make specific targets. If you are targeting usa, make it specific to the city name.
  3. create target age of reader (this is important, do not target child if your post about gossip).
  4. Create a target for interest. (This is also important, make as many as possible and as specific as possible).
  5. For the image on the ad, you should be as attractive as possible, do not put the words in the picture (try to clean, just use a sign like a circle or arrow).

  1. Make it as specific as possible. This will make advertising costs cheaper.
  2. Do not put too much ads on your site, put in a standard place like header, right side and footer.
  3. This trick I use to get view in large quantities.
  4. The cheapest cost I get when advertising on facebook 4 months ago ($ 0.05 per click)
  5. You can use paid tools like insigezilla (this is great for searching targets, keywords, age and more)
  6. Look at these three important aspects (Target Audience, Ads Copy (Ads Sentence), Image on ads).
Actually there are many things. But, from the above points is enough.
If you have any suggestions or tips, please comment below.
It's just my little experience when I became an adsense publisher.
I have no proof of income in adsense, it's been a long time and I do not have a screenshoot. So good luck.
My biggest income as an adsense publisher is only $ 705 as I remembered.
Now I've moved on to bitcoin, being a miner, and a small investor.
Thanks, best regards.