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NEW Cloud Token Wallet Review


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This is a new mobile wallet I’m putting high hope on it.

Cloud Token Wallet is a mobile wallet with the ambition to challenge WeChat becomes the mobile crypto payment system. We all know everyone in China is using mobile payment for years and that’s the reason for this wallet work as “mobile wallet”.

It’s stated 10% monthly rewards by holding crypto in the wallet and No minimum deposit requirement to activate their trading bot. (I tried with USD20 LTC and the bot is activated.)

Is it Legit? I think the minimum requirement of Legit is “paying FULL TAX” which I believed crypto was created in different dimension.

Since I’m not the owner / financial advisor / tech guy / sugar daddy, I will just cut the craps and see how to squeeze the shit out from this wallet by just holding crypto in it.

Install Cloud Token Wallet in your mobile phone. Use chrome browser, it’s not available in appstore or google play.

Cloud Token Website is Here
Or install in laptop / desktop via BlueStacks (Google how to use it)
You will need a Ref code, I don’t mind you use mine: 4781212086

Write down login id, login pin & payment pin and keep it safe.

The dashboard is in Chinese + Eng :

Select the coin you have and deposit in Cloud Token Wallet.
Not user friendly? Yes, for the start but when it generates rewards I will claim it "best wallet" in the world!
Copy the address, email to your desktop for transaction will be an option.

After deposit coin, go to “Projects” and you will see “Jarvis” is standing by here - Iron man’s bot is working part time here besides saving the world.

Check the “agree” box, press on Projects then key in the coin amount to be hodl in the wallet to generate CTO Tokens.

CTO token is the daily reward which can be converted to BTC/ETH/LTC…