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SCAM Coinbase.financials-limited.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Good day guys, I found this website a day ago, the website is running 2 days since release. They are promising to return 20% after 3 days so you'll have 120% overall in total. For now they are LEGITIMATE.

(Link and payment proof provided below)

For example if you deposit 10k satoshis, everyday you get 40% which is 4k satoshis and in the end of 3 days you'll have 12k satoshis in total.
I have deposited in this site and I made withdraws easily and instant no hassle. I'll provide screenshots below. Note only use COINBASE when you deposit.
Minimum deposit is only 0.00000001 which is 1 satoshi, and Minimum withdrawal ANY AMOUNT will do.

http://coinbase.financials-limited.com/?ref=InnoXent <--- Here's the link