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CoinPot is a micro wallet that allows users to cash out their earnings in their favorite cryptocurrency. CoinPot supports at the moment a total of five cryptocurrencies and their own site token called "CoinPot Tokens". Those supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

What makes CoinPot stand out as a micro wallet?
Well, CoinPot has its own faucets. Those facets are called "The Moon Faucets". With currently, seven high paying faucets is CoinPot one of the better micro wallets.

What are those Moon Faucets? The Moon faucets are a collection of five faucets Bitcoin Faucet, Bitcoin Cash faucet, Dogecoin faucet, Litecoin faucet, and a Dash faucet. What is so special about them? They offer extra bonuses for claims such as Daily bonus, Referral bonus, Mystery Bonus and Mining Bonus (only for the Bitcoin Faucet). All those bonuses are calculated in percents so you can get up to 100% bonus! The other two faucets are Bitcoin faucets which are also high paying but they don't have any bonuses.

Okay, now back again to the CoinPot itself. In CoinPot you don't have to use your crypto addresses to log in every time on the faucets and the site itself. You simply use your email to log in. And all your earnings from the faucets are directly paid into your Coinpot Wallet.

What I love the most about Coinpot is the fact that you can trade your currencies with no extra fees. So, let's say I have some Litecoin that I don't want. I can simply trade the Litecoin for any other coin and even their site tokens.

I have used the words CoinPot Tokens for a few times now but, what is that? Well, the CoinPot tokens are tokens you can only use on their site. You can participate in their lottery or play the game multiplier where you can multiply your tokens. I know you want to know how to get them! Every claim you make from one of their faucets will give you 3 Tokens.

Okay, okay, nice! But what if I don't want to participate in the lottery of multiplier game? Well, no problem! You can also convert your tokens to your favorite cryptocurrency.

Now talking about the withdrawals. There are some minimum requirements before you can cash out in a specific coin. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you will need at least 0.0001 BTC in order to cash out. If you want to cash out your Dogecoin, you need at least 50 Doge. Or do you like Litecoin? The minimum for Litecoin is 0.002 LTC. And for Dash is this 0.0002 Dash.

This maybe sounds high, but it isn't! There are no fees! So everything you cash out, you will get it to your wallet within 48 hours! That's good customers service!

Pros about CoinPot:
- High Paying Faucets
- No FEES!
- Trade coins
- Site games
- Fast withdrawal
- Coins Miner

Cons about CoinPot:
The cons about CoinPot is that there are no cons!