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Our team working hard to developing profitable algorithm on crash game sites.

We have some good results after 2 month testing and open investment for public.

You can invest money to our bot, and make profit with zero work!

There are many investment sites today!
But we consider it important to be in touch with our customers! therefore, most things can be done at our customer service
such as Registration or Payment Requests.

At May 10 Opened investment insurance account!
from every house profit 1% go to this balance, and if any customer lost money refund from this balance !


2019.02.19 Added Bitcoin Deposit
2019.02.19 Added Ethereum Deposit
2019.05.05 Added Litecoin Deposit
2019.05.06 Start build new website design.
2019.05.07 Started the new strategy, closed registration, custom invitation from discord!
2019.05.10 We open investment insurance account
2019.05.11 Opened twitter account

CrashBot Investment v2