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DogeChain.info is a web blockchain explorer and wallet for Dogecoin.

- A Bit Of History About DogeCoin
Dogecoin is a digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is an open source peer to peer cryptocurrency which was based on LuckyCoin blockchain that was based on Litecoin. It was launched in 2013 and was given a funny name "Doge" which was originated from a dog meme. According to the creator of DogeCoin Billy Marcus (Formal IBM Programmer) and Jackson Palmer, the mission of DogeCoin was to be more popular than bitcoin and be used for microtransactions like giving tips on social networks like Twitter and Reddit. Coincidentally, DogeCoin has grown over the years to become a very popular coin among crypto users with a current supply of over 100 billion Doge.

- Features Of DogeChain.info
As a platform built for Doge coin, Dogechain offers some useful free service for Doge users like:

-DogeChain Explorer: This is a web explorer for Dogecoin where users can view and verify transactions, check wallet information and basically access a lot of information about the Doge blockchain. This is the landing page of dogechain.info website.

-DogeChain API: DogeChain also provides a set of well-documented API for developers that intend in building apps that utilize the Doge blockchain Network.

-DogeChain Wallet: Dogechain.info also features an easy to use centralized web wallet where users can store, send and receive doge coins.
Signing up for a wallet only requires an email and a password, no extra verification is required.

- Feature Of DogeChain Wallet:
1. Easy to use and accessible worldwide
2. Secure: All are user data/credentials are encrypted using the user password. All encrypted files are stored in the cloud and can only be decrypted by the user using his/her password.

- Pros Of DogeChain Wallet
1. Easy to use with respect to user privacy.
2. Quite Secure

- Cons Of DogeChain Wallet
1. It is not open source
2. It is centralized, meaning all encrypted data are stored in a server. Some users might find this disturbing cause it really against the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.
3. It lacks two-factor authentication and multi-signature support.

Personally, I really like and appreciate the service DogeChain offers am still not sure if it was created by the developers behind Dogecoin. Although I have noticed that there are mixed reviews about how secure their wallet is, I personally will not recommend it for storing large asset cause of its lack of two-factor authentication.