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F4LT Electronics in a nutshell: non-technical, bite-sized course


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Begginer's best friend to mastering Electronics Fundamentals through super-short 5 minute videos. Join 43,000 viewers

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Published 5/2019

Experienced Author:
Saral Tayal. Director of education at Tinker Spark
* I started my journey in the maker movement at the age of 12 and now I am enrolled to study engineering and robotics in Carnegie Mellon University.

What you'll learn:
* How electronics components work, how they are used in circuits, and how to use them in your projects
* Common sensors used by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other circuits
* Why we use electronic components the way we do
* Understand how the most important electronic components work
* Understand the different electronics terminology, units, and electronic symbols for various electronics
* This course is a great building block for begginers to take on more advanced electronics concepts or use this as a resource for a quick refresher on concepts

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