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Finally making over $2K per day with SMS Marketing and CPA


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o was contemplating on this method for a couple of weeks. Just got tired of getting banned from Adwords and Facebook. Was literally going through 5 accounts a week on both platforms. Even got myself an amazon SES account tried emailing only to find emails going to junk mail. Was getting like 0.06% open rate, was terrible. So I thought about it and said to myself, "I need a traffic source that makes me sleep at night". So I looked and looked seems like majority of everyone else are pushing bots, not all but most. Unless they want you to run their "Run off Network" Traffic and spend for data to weed out bad pub IDs etc. No control of were your ads end up. So that requires a lot of cash for data and optimizing. At least with adwords you target buyer keywords and exclude their search partners and only run on their search platform.

So I began researching about sms marketing. I am a bit clued up on VPSs and Linux so I set myself up a vps with a sms platform. Found a sms gateway to send sms for $0.005 an sms. Got myself an opt-in targeted list and sent a test blast. Spent like $50 or so to send 10k sms. I made back 5 x that amount and thereafter I started to scale it to 50k sms every 3 days or so. Spread it out across multiple offers. With emails I was getting terrible open rates 0.06% open rates now with sms I'm hitting 98%. I had one user complain to a offer owner about getting sms, however my aff manager hit me up on skype and just asked me for date and time stamp, IP address of when the user opted in, I sent that to him and that was it.

Here is my last couple days earnings

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