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SCAM Flylink.io - Trusted High Paying URL shortener - $3 minimum Payout - Earn bonuses and more!


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Flylink.io is a trusted High paying URL shortener as reviewed by many happy members! We provide unique features than other URL shorteners. With flylink.io you can earn with high CPM & on top of that you can earn bonuses!

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We DO NOT allow websites using shortener with pornography websites,
We currently do not allow faucets.
We do not allow Infringing of someones copyrighted material. Please ask pemission before doing so. If we are contacted by the owner, we must remove those links.
No bot traffic allowed, or any type of traffic that may voluntarily or involuntarily cause fake clicks. If this is the case, we may ask you to remove those links.

We do not like to ban any users or strip any of our memebrs earnings, so please follow our guidelines. Thank you.

We want to make Flylink.io the BEST URL shortener, with flylink.io you can trust flylink.io to earn a decent income simply by shortening links.