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LEGIT Free Bitcoin Cash App Reviews:SCAM or LEGIT?


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i would like to share with to you this app called free bitcoin cash.This app lets you earn free BCH in your spare time.
Here's how it works

~first you need to download this app and here is my link

~after downloading register whatever ways you want to register,whether its your gmail or facebook.It depends where you are comfortable and safe for you to register.Mine i used my Google account to register and also i put my BCH WALLET ADRESS too upon registering.Just follow all their instructions on how to register.

~next after you register you can start claiming BCH.
Just click on the "Hourly claim" and spin,view ads for more spins till you get a Gold B to give you big reward if you are very lucky on spinning

~click "Bonus"view ads to earn more bonus BCH

~Invite your friends too

~minimum payout is 20,000 satoshi direct to your Coinbase BCH Wallet or any other BCH wallet you uses

~payout is every tuesday and they will send it to your registered BCH wallet within their app.So make sure you input your BCH WALLET correctly

Under attach my proof of payout

Here is my link too: