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Tutorial Get free Films VPN+Torrent needed


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1. Crucial step get a VPN.
2. Set your location to another area any area you want aslong its not the area your in right now. Theres an account section on some people post NordVPN and Windscribe VPN accounts in there. You can use them.
3. Search up the thing you want. For example if I wanted to see Endgame I would search up Avengers: Endgame. Make sure to spell it correctly.
4. I would reccommend you to pick one of them at the top because they are the most trustworthy and most likely best quality.
5. Click on Torrent download. It will show you 4 options what you want to click is ITorrents Mirror. If it opens a new tab and gives you a download it means it worked.
6. Goto https://www.utorrent.com/ click basic download and finish the set up.
7. Open the program and press the + sign next to the paperclip.
8. Find the torrent you downloaded.
9. Once you've found it open the torrent file. It will start downloading once you've finished downloading look for the folder or file and open it.
10. Thats it you've gotten a movie for free.