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[GET] Market Makers Method Forex Trading Course


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A market maker is a bank or brokerage company that stands ready every second of the trading day with a firm ask and bid price, hoping to make a profit on the bid-offer spread.

To beat the Market Maker you must fully understand his objectives. Market Makers will induce traders to take positions by creating panic and fear to get you to think irrationally – quick moves, spike candles, news and inexplicable price behavior. Last but not least, Hit the stops and clear the board, force you into margin trouble…. and POCKET YOUR MONEY.


This method is derived from the teachings by Steve Mauro. Many have watched the videos but fail to
fully grasp the concepts as there are many and there is a lot of information to retain. The aim of this
document is to illustrate a few of the key concepts from the videos and make your trading lives easier
and more profitable.

First and foremost, in order to fully comprehend the system, it is of utmost importance not to mix
strategies as this will only cause further confusion and doubt in the long run. This system is mainly
about piggy backing on the Market Maker trend. Once you understand that concept you will be able
to be profitable 90% of the time.

The topics which will be discussed in this document will be as follows:

1. Market maker structure/cycle,
2. Weekly structure (Psychological Support and Resistance, Level Count, Resets and EMAs),
3. Daily set-ups,
4. Types of trades (Trading Zone),
5. Timings,
6. Trader psychology,
7. Trading Tips,
8. Risk Management.

DL: https://mega.nz/#F!gG4XwYwB!4y4xUwGmes5XxuZC-ZhRXw