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LEGIT Goodblogs Review: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Goodblogs is a content marketing company founded by Jason Trout, that offers companies a way to increase their web traffic and receive content for their blogs. Writers create an account using either Google gmail or Facebook. Once the account is created you can visit one of the 5 paid to blog websites.

Each paid to write blog site has a variety of categories that you can choose from. Each article needs to be 300 words and submitted with a high quality photo. The sites accept any creative common images. Word of caution on this. The editors are famous for rejecting your article because of your image. Your image has to have a certain pixel size in order to be accepted on the site. Each image needs to be 650 x 450 pixels to fit their format. If the images are smaller or larger they are rejected.

Here are a few things to consider if you decide to write for this company:

  1. Your article is viewed on the site under "What's New". There you have to gain votes from other members on the site, or promote this article on your own. You can share your article on all your social media accounts in hopes one of your followers will go to the site and give you a vote.
  2. Articles with the most votes during the day are moved to Top Posts and rewarded a payment by the company. Most of the sites only pay $15.00 for an article that has been promoted to "Top Post".
  3. The company pays for your articles through PayPal.
  4. Each person is awarded 10 votes a day. You will receive 5 votes in the morning and another 5 in the afternoon. You are allowed to vote on your own post. The remaining votes are for you to use on the site. Normally the votes are to help you make friends so they will vote on your post. You give them a vote and they give you one back.
Here is why I stopped writing for them 2 years ago:

  1. Many of the higher paying blog sites closed down. Some of the technical sites I wrote for paid $75 for an article of 300 words.
  2. The voting system started to have flaws and it appeared that only certain writers were promoted and paid for on the different site.
  3. It isn't easy to promote your work and ask people to vote for you so that you are paid for what you've written.
  4. Normally the company moved promoted articles to Top Posts each morning and the person was paid immediately afterwards. However, this changed and the company started to move articles on a weekly basis instead of a daily basis. Before they moved 7 articles per week and later on would only move 1 article for the week.
  5. A new editor was hired that started rejecting all articles for the site. Basically, the articles were rejected because of the photo that was used.
  6. Promoting your own article was time consuming and required a lot of work to be paid. Before the higher paying sites closed it was worth your time and efforts to promote you work.
  7. Writing for this company, all the work, finding new images all the time, and networking took up too much time for the small amount of money you earned for the articles you wrote.
  8. If your articles weren't promoted and paid the site gained a free blog post.
The site is legit and it does pay if you have time to spend promoting your blog posts. Here is proof from 2016 where I was paid by the company.

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