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Ask How to Convert PopCash Traffic?


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Dear mates,

I wish you all fine.

I ran sweepstakes offers on PopCash - that converted on Bing Ads, but unfortunately I didn't get any conversion on PopCash, while on Bing Ads, I was getting 10%-20% conversion rate for the offers I tested. I tested the same landing page I was using with Bing Ads, I got 18% conversion on PopCash at the landing page level.

I got around 900 clicks but zero offer conversions (around 162 clicks to the offer). I targeted "shopping" audience, as I didn't find any other option to target sweepstakes, I bid 0.004, 0.003 & 0.01 & nothing worked out. I really don't know why the traffic doesn't convert?

Is there a way to get this traffic to convert? What shall I do?

Thanks for your help!