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Tutorial How to Get More Referrals? [GUIDE]


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Referrals is one of the way to make passive income. The more referral we able to get, the more passive income we can make.

Some sites offer only one shot referral income, while some reward sites offer up to 10% referral income life time. It could be a decent income if have good number of referrals or an active referral who is hardworking.

The ways to get more referrals:
1. Post your referrral link at the media socia sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
2. Post your referral link at discussion forum which alllowed to do so, affiliatestech.com is one of the site allows us to post the referral link freely. Not all the site allows it, do bear in mind.
3. Mouth to mouth invitation. Invite your personal friends verbally or via PM.
4. Buy some referrals at the marketplace of some forums.