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Tutorial How To Make Money on Instagram in 2019 Without Any Work


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Now for you Guys that like to read First off You will be needing to go on Instagram and go to the search part and just search for niches like fitness, lose belly fat,dogs. Once you find something that hast lost of followers and pick 10 to 15 of them that you will be using there post for your page. you will be using a site called maxbounty or really any place or product that has a referral link in it.

now lets head over to a site called Postearly not that you are there you have a free trail that you can use for a lil while just to see if you can profit from this method in that time. If not you can actually go to google and find a Instagram post downloader so you can downloader the post that have the most views that went viral, from the niche that you chose and from the pages that you choose within that niche, now make a new account on insagram and when you have the account with a good name and a good description make sure to add your referral link in the Bio, for the Bio you should come to Bitly.com to shorten it and make your bio look more attractive.

For the Free way You will need to download viral post and make sure to credit the original person that posted the post so you wont get banned for that account, now you can just re upload it to your page and start gaining traffic, the traffic once it get to a couple thousand they will start to see your bio and click on your link and then you will start to get sales and make money!! I will recommend posting 5 to 10 time a day dont really take long to do.

Now for the people that are going to be using postearly you will have this Fully automated, just login and tun on auto follow and auto unfollow auto like as well then go down the list and type in all the hashtags that you want to use for your niche,when you get down to messages make sure to write some thing that you want to send to all your followers so the bot will automatically send them that message and you can put in your referral link in there to raise the chance to make sales. The video will show you what i am using. now with post early you have the opportunity to make unlimited amounts of account so you can make some sales form different niches. hope this helps you guys and again this is my first post make sure to comment or reply idk what it is and let me know if your stuck or if you need any help! would love to help thanks guys and let go make that money.