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<3 Hello everyone ! <3

Firstable, i don't think someone else here did the method that i will explain.

I will show you how I SE'd a MegaBoom 3 Speaker (Worth 300$)

But you can do for other Speakers.

Let's start !

Requirements : - x1 Serial Number
- x1 Product number

- x1 Fake reiceipt

All of those things can be found on Internet very easily, as on eBay ! (If you are very lazy , i can sell you if you want)

1. Contact them by calling them or email (in my case it will be by email)

2. Tell them that your Megaboom won't work (I said that it won't turn on anymore and that i really need it for my job), and explain briefly that you tried many things on Internet but nothing is working.

3. They will reply you some days after, with troubleshootings tasks, tell them that nothing is working and it still won't work.

4. Then, some time after, they will ask you for a Reiceipt, a Serial Number and a Product number (And if the employee is not cool, they may ask for Picture of Serial Number, that can be photoshoped easily or just recreate an account, and try again if you are lazy.)

5. Send them everything they ask, and then , they will shortly contact you to ask your address to send you the remplacement.

5.1) If you are willing to SE them several MegaBoom, USE A DROP OR A RESHIP.

6. Congrats ! You just got a free speaker

Important : For the step 4, about the reiceipt, make a reiceipt or from Amazon, or from a Shop that are ALLOWED to sell MegaBoom Speakers.

To check if a shop is allowed to sell MegaBoom, just type on Internet "Your product + name of the shop" and if you see that it's on sales, then, the shop is allowed to sell the product !

If you are lazy as fuck (because yes, it's very easy to fake reicept, Serial number etc...) i can sell you everything you need for SE'ing even if, as i always repeat, I recommend you to do it yourself !

Don't leech !