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I bought 3 banners (ad spaces) on 3 forums for $170


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Lately, I've been looking for new places to advertise one of my websites, and I thought to give a try on buying banner ads.

I myself am blind to ads and banners, so I didn't have high hopes about them, but I thought I'd give it a try, since my product is about SEO, and I had the opportunity to buy ad spaces on 3 forums about SEO and online marketing.

On May 6 I launched ads (banners 728x90) on all 3 websites.

I spent $170,10 on 3 ads. They'll be shown for a month, 10K impressions each. That's 30K impressions TOTAL.

The month is almost up. I've got 28743 impressions so far and the results are... TERRIBLE!
I probably could improve the banner design and all, but for $170 and 30'000 impressions, the click count is just ridiculous.

Here are the stats:

From 28,7K impressions, I received only 52 clicks!!! Which is only 0,18% CTR.

The results from each website vary. The best CTR is 0,27% and the worst is 0,11%.

This has been one of the worst investments I've ever made. But if I wouldn't risk it, I wouldn't ever know.

Maybe my banner ad looks like shit (I don't think it does), and maybe the CTR would have been better by testing different designs.

I did, however, make a huge mistake by not adding my own affiliate tag so I could track sales. So I have no idea if I made any sales from these 52 clicks. Next time I won't make such a mistake.