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F4LT Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks


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Image Generation with Generative Adversarial Networks.

1 hour on-demand video
1 student enrolled
Created by Denis Volkhonskiy
Published 5/2019

How to generate images from noise? Is it really possible? Generative Adversarial Networks were invented in 2014 and since that time it is a breakthrough in the Deep Learning for generation of new objects. And in this free course, you can study GANs framework.

This course has rather strong prerequisites:
* Deep Learning and Machine Learning
* Matrix Calculus
* Probability Theory and Statistics
* Python

Experienced Author:
Denis Volkhonskiy. AI Researcher
* I'm an Artificial Intelligence researcher and working for a PhD thesis. My main area of interest is Deep Learning for Computer Vision and 3D Data Processing. I received my Master degree in Higher School of Economic, Data Science track.

Angel's review:
* Highly recommended, advanced course and author in AI; difficult to find!