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Tutorial Make $58 A Day on Shopify Without Selling Any Products (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial)


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Shopify certainly has one of the finest affiliate programs out there (200% commissions), and this guide will be based on getting referrals to shopify for you to make a lot of money.


You are going to create a free course on shopify. You don't need to be professional with shopify, just take a week or 2 to research the fundamentals, then integrate the fundamentals into a free course. Humans love free stuff, this is why that is so powerful. You could host your course at no cost on teachable.

Then whilst people get the expertise they need to begin making money with shopify, they will sign up via your link and you could count on to earn approximately $58 consistent per person if the course is good enough and you keep on giving them value.

The coolest part about this free course is that on shopify they will want a few additional tools that also cost money. The good part is that these tools usually have an affiliate program that you can use to make even more money. The tools are for example, email autoresponders, product research tools, apps in the stores, and spying on ads tools, etc.

Step 1. Set up your course.

Record your display screen and speak over it. Displaying your face is effective but not necessary. Of course, you will have to layout your free course for your self, however, I'm telling you, everyone can do this. In the free course, I would include something like:

-putting in place the store and launching it.
-customizing the store, brand name, logos.
-apps to apply
-terms of service, refund texts and extra menus
-facebook/google pixels and other equipment
-gathering emails and e-mail marketing. Getresponse.
-product research
-getting traffic, social media automation equipment and so on
-ads, and spying on ads

Step 2. Hosting.

Use teachable and simply scroll down and you'll find the free option. Or you could host with builderall, clickfunnels or even without cost with getresponse's free trial, (2 free landing pages). You can additionally use ontrapages in case you need to just build an easy landing page (without collecting emails).

Step 3. Traffic.

1. Youtube. Make tutorials on shopify on youtube and include the link within the description. Upload daily to grow quick and ensure to have good thumbnails. An instance of this is Hayden Bowles. Make your own version of a number of their best videos and constantly just try and make it better.

2. Quora. The exceptional alternative in my view because you are now not confined to the quantity of popularity you have. Every person can produce a viral answer, anytime. Start answering questions on ''dropshipping'' and ''Shopify'' inside the search bar. And ensure you sort it by the latest questions. You will not be able to compete for a high number of views on older questions. Answer 10-20 a day and include a link on your free course in a number of your answers. Just make sure that you don't get banned.

3. Blogs. Articles have one of the best potentials in my view due to the fact they are like online real estate. They'll simply sit there and come up with leads on autopilot. Plus, you may include a couple of hyperlinks all over the articles.

4. Solo-ads. Building an email list is one of the best things you can do. Use solo-ads to find people to sign on to your free course and build an e-mail list at the same time. This costs money though.

5. Facebook groups. Begin your own fb group and just post value. Invite different active participants from different dropshipping groups. Then simply pin your post that has the link to your free course, in order that each new member will see the link.

Step 4. An alternative approach that makes you even extra money.

Set up an email series wherein you supply each part of the course each day. I advise GetResponse for this. I show you the complete funnel and email sequence in the youtube video version of this guide.

What's great about that is that you may also promote a more expensive course or product that you will be affiliated with. I believe that Kevin David has an affiliate program to his $1000 courses.