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LEGIT Medium Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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The Medium website is similar to other weblog or personal blogging platforms that offer writers a chance to have a blog without worrying about maintaining the blog. Here you can write up your own personal weblogs and add them to your account. What is different about this company is that they have a program you can join called Medium Partner Program.

How Does it Work?
  • The site has a free account or a paid account.
  • You can write up articles and submit them to your free account.
  • However, if you’d like to earn money from what you’ve written it will be necessary to join the Medium Partner Program.
  • You will submit articles to the program. You can share your best stories and in return, they will share them with the world.
  • Every story that is submitted to the partner’s program will be reviewed.
  • The story must meet the editor’s standards.
  • Once it is published it will be distributed to the different readers on the site who are interested in your topic. So this means that people who have the same likes and interests that you do will be reading your work.
  • As a partner on the site, you’ll earn money each time one of the site members reads your article or applauds your work.
  • The money is credited into your account and you’re paid at the end of each month.
How Do You Earn?
  • In order to earn money from the site, you must join the Partner’s program.
  • You will earn money from the site depending on how many readers interact with your work. This depends on how many people read your article, comment or give you an applaud for what you’ve written.
  • Each month the subscription fee that you’ve paid is distributed or based on the number of authors and stories that you’ve read or clapped on for the month.
  • Your earnings are based upon the stories you’ve written, how many people interacted with your stories and how people connected with your work.
  • You will also earn revenue from the ads that are on your article.
  • The more people that engage with your article the higher your earnings will be each month.
  • The site has had a few articles that paid the write over $1000. The story was extortionary and attracted the highest views on the site. The person who wrote this article engaged with the most site visitors and had the most interaction of any article so far on the site.
  • The company will only pay you directly to your bank account by a direct deposit or you can request a debit card for your earning.
There are many sites like this online. However, the difference between this site and other sites is the fact that this site is more of a publishing company than the other sites. You can earn money from people interacting with your articles posted on the site and from advertisements on your article. You can try the site out for free and if this interests you. It is easy to join the Partner’s program. As a free member don’t expect to earn much from the site. The people who are in the Partner’s program are the ones paid to publish articles on this site.