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LEGIT ProTypers Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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ProTypers is the sister website to MegaTypers. The company owns both websites and hires people worldwide to do data entry level jobs. However, this type of work is basically looking at captcha all day long and typing them out.

  1. The job is easy and it does pay.
  2. There is no work experience needed.
  3. Speed typing is a big plus if you want to work for them.
  1. You only have 15 seconds to read the captcha and type in your answer.
  2. If you get this wrong, you are warned and then your account is suspended.
  3. Many people have issues with the time frame of reading and trying to type in the captcha correctly. Some of them are so bad that people just can't get them right.
  4. Many say working for this company is like working for a boss who yells at you all day long.
  5. A few people who have worked for this company claim they were banned just before they reached payout.
  6. it takes a lot of work to reach payout on this site.
From all the research I have done this company does pay. Unless your account is suspended because you couldn't type the captch fast enough or typed it incorrectly.

Does anyone here work for ProTypers or MegaTypers. I did see a review on the site for MegaTypers but I can't find one at all for ProTypers.

Many people who talk about these companies online consider them the same company. However, when you do research on them, they are two different companies owned by the same people. So many sites who hire people for data entry, basically only want them to sit and type captchas all day long. When I think of data entry it isn't typing captchas for a company. What are your thoughts on all of this?