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NEW publipaid Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Publipaid: “Create Account and Verify”


Once inside the platform, the next step will be to verify our Publipaid account. For that we will go to the menu on the left and go down to the PROFILE >> Verify account section. In this section you will be asked to send a photo of our identity document, passport or driver's license (front and back).


Verifying our account is very important since not doing so we will not be able to collect our earnings. It is also important for the company, because they ensure that they are dealing with real people and not bots, and also, being a legal and registered company, they need our data to be able to issue invoices at the time of payments and thus be able to pay taxes .

Publipaid guarantees that if the rented referrals do not generate the profits according to the plan you purchased, you will get your entire money back. In addition, inactive referrals or those who do not click for a period equal to or greater than 3 days will be removed and replaced at no charge for active referrals.

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