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Hello my frineds,
Today I found a new smart wallet. Precharge wallet is coming in August. Are you ready for airdrop bonus?
Precharge is a multi currency highly secured block chain based platform where we are able to exchange 1000 transaction per second. Don't worry about paper wallet or lost keys. All you need is just an email address. Not only we support fiat currency but also we are ready to accept Ripple, Litecoin, Electrum, Ethereum and many more. Open your account and look for your referral link in the earn token menu on top. Referral commission is 50% + $2.5 USD. Sign up under my referral and ask for more to earn. Comment me and I will PM to you for more earning. Very easy task just sign up, follow, like etc and will receive high $$$. Hope you enjoy and understand my post well. Have a nice day