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Ask SEO strategies for bulk contents


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I am no SEO specialist asking for an SEO question, probably a dummy one. So any help is really appreciated.

We’re building a new site for my client, their website is Q&A website that is going with populating as many topics as possible, and by that they’re gonna auto generate page with absolutely no content in it early on... hoping that user will generate the contents.

My concern is that having to be an early website and has this many page with template and no unique contents, I know this may hurt their SEO ranking.

My question is, if we re going this way, what would be the best strategy?

I was thinking of noindex the autogenerated pages and once seo built and contents are filled then gonna remove noindex

Or that we require login and to view the topics so google don’t index the page?

I am not certain on what to do and hoping to get an input from someone experienced, thanks