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LEGIT Skrill Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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I have been using Skrill.com payment services and I would like to share with you guys my experience so far with this company.
Truth be told, at first I was scared to try new international money transfer company, I was thinking PayPal is best and I should use only Paypal but one day Paypal decided to block my account for invalid reasons, tried to verify as they requested, submit all the information they want and nothing, they could not unlock my account.

So at this point, I said it's time to forget Paypal and try Skrill... honestly I'm glad I did, after I verified my account I'm able to do what I did with Paypal and a lot more.

Did you know Skrill accept a deposit with Bitcoin, I bet you won't see this on Paypal, yeah .. you can simply send Bitcoin to Skrill and they will add you USD to your account, the fee is only 1% and the money is added in a couple hours after Bitcoin is confirmed... after that you can withdraw the cash to your bank account and it will arrive in 1-3 days maximum.

Skrill fees:
+ Sending money to another Skrill wallet costs 1.45% of the amount sent
+ WITHDRAW FUNDS to your bank account cost 5,50 EUR
+ WITHDRAW FUNDS to your VISA cost 7.5%

Overall I'm satisfied with Skrill services, I will keep using them, wanna apply as well for Skrill credit card and go withdraw cash to local ATM with it.
Maybe fees a bit high but fi you deal with medium to a large amount of cash Skrill is great, however, if you deal with small cash I don't recommend it.

Do you use Skrill? What is your opinion about! SHARE IT!