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NEW Solitaire Free App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Solitaire Free is an app which you can all day.Perform the task and earn coins and diamond.This a one kind of a rewarding app.
Here's how it works:
Install the app
Open and register according to your choice whether Facebook or Google account.
Then you must bind your mobile number at the setting page

App Link here:
Cash=Solitaire Free, where you can easily win free cash!
Click here to Win in Solitaire Free and Turn cards into Cash.

Don't forget to put referral code
UFT6UYK for a 200 diamond bonus

Putting a referral code is very important because without referral code you cannot withdraw your balance

Payment methods:
PayPal=54,000 diamonds is equal to 3$ and so on and so forth

Google Play Giftcards=174,000 diamonds is equal to 10$ and so on and so forth

Amazon gift card=105,000 diamonds is equal to 5$ and so on and so forth

If you guys have this app and get paid please kindly gave a shout out here.