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Tutorial Super easy UberEats refunding method (Works 99% of the time)


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Of course, before you refund anything, you need to order it, so go ahead and order some food from any food place on UberEats, with a max value of $100. When it arrives, wait for about an hour extra and then proceed onto the next step.

In the UberEats mobile app, go to your past orders and press 'Get Help'. From here, you should be greeted with the 'Select an issue' screen.

Tap 'Issue with a delivered or past order', and then, go to 'My order never arrived'. If you see a list of options, tick the option of 'I did not receive my order', and press submit. You are done. Now just wait for a few hours, and you be refunded. This works three times per account, so on the third, just move to a new account.