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As you may know SuperFlow is a traffic and marketing system that specializes in marketing and traffic tools for your web sites.
SuperFlow is still in development and currently in pre-launch form. There may occasionally be bugs that we will rapidly address. When you signed up for SuperFlow, you agree to this as well as out terms and conditions which can be found on our website at https://www.thesuperflow.club/terms.php.
We appreciate you signing up for SuperFlow, inital benefits include:
  • 1000 free points.
  • 3 free ad/web page slots.
  • 1000 points per referral.
  • Free Rotator page to rotate your links.
  • Free upline banner page.
  • Earn 1 dollar per 1000 points.
Points and can assigned used to show a web page. You define the number points awarded to visitors of your page. When visitors visit the site they are awarded the points you determine. If you assign 1 point per visit to a web site, that is 1000 visits!
The SuperFlow club also provides 1000 points for referral members after the referral activates.
Points can be earned by surfing available sites or by showing our super surfer page to others.
The rotator is great for testing different versions of a funnel or page to see which one provides a better response. The rotator can also be used for a single link to advertise several sites.
The upline banner page with your banner as well as other banners. It does not cost you points when someone clicks your banner and you earn points if someone clicks a banner that is not yours.
Thank you