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Top 6 Highest Paying Online Casinos


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My Favorite Highest Paying Online Casinos

I love betting and often go to different places in the world and visit casinos but it’s not possible all the time so I have to look for online casinos for my hobby. I prefer Online Casinos that cater in the following countries or regions, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada entire Europe and India.

What I look for in a great casino is that it pays well, fair casino bonuses and promotions. The casino offers deposits and withdrawals in my favorite currency (Including Indian Rupees). The casino has safe and secure gambling environment. Best possible game selection and streaming quality. And not to mention the Welcome Bonus which is one of the main attractions beside higher bonus payment.

I would like to mention here that the rate of payout is one of the crucial points why I would chose a particular casino or what payout an online casino basically pays back. In my views a casino that pays 90% to 98.% on average to its players is good enough. The Return rate to the Player at most reputed online casinos at an average ranges in my list is in between 93-98.00% which is fair enough.

So let’s have a look and check some of the highest paying online casinos here. In a nut shell higher the payout rate better the casino. However, I will not mention the ones with over 100% payout record because that doesn’t happen often.

Here is a list of some of my favorite online casinos that suits all my needs including my language preferences.

  1. VOLT Casino voltcasino.com (with Includes facility of Spot Sports Betting)
  2. LeoVegas gambling.com
  3. Mr.Green mrgreen.com
  4. EuroGrand eurogrand.com
  5. BetWinner betwinner.com
  6. Sun Palace Casino sunpalacecasino.eu

How to check what casino is good for you?

You can do it right at the time of signing up. The online casinos provide you all the details in detail at their homepage. However, you will have to check everything clearly especially, the fine print as some casino business have some hidden terms which may trick you to some extent . You must not get hooked in the name of higher payout but check other terms and conditions as well.


There is a long list of reputed high paying online casinos but the list provided above gives you the best online experience, customer service and deal in your required currency with highest payout rate. Have a happy Online gambling fun, all the best.