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Tutorial Unlimited DoorDash Refund Method


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I recently came across a seller who I had to expose for selling public/fake methods. This method is literally the exact same as many DoorDash refund methods in this forum, except its worded differently and more beginner friendly. What is sad is that its worded for noobs, meaning tons of people got scammed for this. For the love of god, stop wasting your money on these servers that promise HQ and private methods, when its NOT. DO NOT BUY PUBLIC SHIT. Do your research before paying money. Here's the method because I want to end this cycle of scamming. I hate scammers, especially those who scam those who are new to this.

First steps are to remove and re-add your card to apple wallet. Second is to go on google docs and write a random email like [email protected]
Copy email and paste when creating DD Account. Use the same password on every DD Account so you'll remember it. For every order you do you remove the card and re add the card to apple wallet. This will glitch apple pay into thinking it's a new card every time because apple pay masks your card for purchases.
You can use the customers phone number when creating the account. Their phone number will not get banned if you're only doing one order on the account. this has been tested by me for a few months. do not use any dd credit.
after you do a bunch of orders you'll have a long email list in a google document where you can copy each email and paste into signing in on doordash and enter password u use for them all and do the refund on the dd app by going to order clicking help and clicking all items and press missing items for all and whole item missing and when they offer a credit click still need help and press the top option which is refund to card.
Have fun m8

Please inform the victims because this needs to stop. Your welcome. Just doing the community a favor, an act of community service