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LEGIT Upwork Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Upwork is a platform for freelancers. The site is one of the biggest freelancing forms that have been around for a decade. Yes, you might be wondering why you have not heard about this site before. Simply, the site was the infamous oDesk. It can also be called as a hub for talented individuals where they can find projects which fit their skills.

How It Works:

If you’re hiring
You can easily find quality freelancers. There are lots of categories where you can find a pool of talents from programmers to designers, writers, customer service representatives, and others.

Hiring Team Should Know:
-Start posting a job. Provide specific skill requirements.
-Upwork will analyze your needs. This is where Upwork locates talents based on the freelancers’ skills.
-Shortlist will be sent.

If you’re freelancing
-You are free to work on projects that fit your skills.
-There are wide varieties of jobs with high pay.

Wondering why you are not yet hired by a client? Maybe you are not doing it right. It starts by creating a great profile (headhunters look for a comprehensive one) and make sure you send a very impressive job proposal. Keep in mind that you will be judged on your profiles, best profiles are complete, well-written, no errors, and include a pleasing picture.

Payment Methods
Direct Deposit / ACH
Wire Transfer
Local Funds Transfer (LFT)

Pros on Upwork
Nevertheless, this will not discourage you guys, if you really want to work in the comfort of your homes, you will find your way to get noticed. After creating your profile, the next thing to focus on will be your proposal. Your proposal should be aligned to what the job is about. Sell yourself and make sure you know what you are applying for. Other freelancers do away with the conventional proposals. The written proposals are okay, but others can now create a video proposal. This will make you known immediately by the client – the hiring person. It will establish credibility and build trust because they can see you in that video.

Once you are hired, increase your visibility to the client. Complete the task and don’t get busy catching up on deadlines. You should work to complete the job as early as you can. If you have completed one task, this will add up to your experience. It is now time to edit your profile by adding that one finished the job. You can use that to tell the next client that you are successful in the previous work. As you continue, you are building your profile known to many clients. They will smell your good aroma – and you can say “you can check my portfolio below. And time to brag! Increase your hourly rate.

Cons on Upwork
The inconsistency of job – there aren’t enough jobs on Upwork.
Time-Consuming – once I was hired by a client to do call out to those people who registered on his website. I was able to improvise my script however, it was really time-consuming because there are much stuff to pitch in.

Low Pay, High Expectation – not all freelancers would agree on this. Based on the experience, the pay I got before was unacceptable.
High Fees – Another reason I left Upwork.

First of all, before I offered my skill to the clients, I was told by colleagues to start with $1 per hour rate. So I did. It was not easy for me to get hired because of the rate my counterparts offered. There is a lot of competition.

Now it is your time to experience what the many of us already experienced. Remember, your profile and proposal matter. To be known, ensure the relevance of your profile and proposal. Once successful, this adds up to your reputation.
Best of luck to you. Happy Upworking!