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Useful Windows 10 commands!!!


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Many people use mouse click to navigate their way around Windows; however we tech freaks like to use shortcuts and commands to quickly explore and accomplish our tasks. Not only this makes you look like a pro but it also provides flexibility and ease of access. I have provided a list windows commands below you can use either in run or command prompt to makes your work even smoother.

If you know some commands that are not listed here and it's useful please reply and I'll add it <3

Here it is:

Command Usage
appwiz.cpl Open Programs and Features
control Open Control Panel
msconfig Open System Configuration
ncpa.cpl Open Network Connection
winver Show Windows Version
wf Open WIndows Defender Firewall settings
sysdm.cpl Open System Properties
msinfo32 Open System Information
compmgmt Open Computer Management
cleanmgmr Open Disk Cleanup
devicemgmt Open Device Manager
taskmgmr Open Task Manager
services.msc Open Windows Services
netplwiz Open Advanced User Accounts Control Panel
diskmgmt Open Disk Management
perfmon Open Performance Monitor
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This is more, Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts, I personally use and find useful while using PC:

Windows + R: Open Run
Windows + E: Open File Explorer
Alt + Tab: Switch between open programs
Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
Windows + D: Display Desktop
Windows + Tab: Task View
Alt + Space-bar: Open menu for active program
Ctrl + Y: Redo the last action
Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action
F5: Reload current page in browser
Ctrl + B: Bold highlighted text
Ctrl + U: Underline highlighted text
Ctrl + I: Make highlighted text Italic
Ctrl +A: Select entire content
Alt +F4: Shutdown active program
Print Screen: Take Screenshot
Shift + delete: Permanently delete the selected content
Ctrl + J: Open download page within the browser