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Ask What is Black Hat SEO?


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Many people have no idea what Black hat SEO is. Therefore, I’d like to try and explain how it works and what it is. If you decide to use Black Hat SEO it is a practice against all the major search engine to try and get your website to rank higher. Normally, the tactics used are unethical and will use practices like keyword stuffing, adding private link networks, and cloaking.

As a website owner, you know the importance of ranking top in search engine. In order to do this, there is a right way and a wrong way. Using Black hat SEO is the wrong way to go. There is no need to try and game the search engines to arrive on top. It is better to try and solve problems for your site visitors and legally earn your ranking for your website.

The Blackhat SEO goes against all the guideline that a search engine has set up. This method loves to manipulate the search results so they can gain higher ranking.

What Are Black Hat Techniques?

Keyword Stuffing
: When a website uses keyword stuffing it means that they are filling their website with irrelevant keywords to try and manipulate the page ranking of their site. This can include adding multiple variants of the same keyword in their articles.

Phone Number: Adding tons of phone numbers in your article and not giving a substantial reason for them.

Blocks Of Cities: When a website lists block of cities or states in their article. This can include placing the site or country that they are trying to rank higher for that country.

Repeat Words: Repeating the same words so many times in the article it sounds unnatural.

Cloaking: This involves showing the search engine one piece of content and when a person visits the page another piece of content is shown to them.

Redirects: The site will send you to a different URL than the one you want.

Poor Quality Content: When a person lands on the page the content is very poor and most of the time the content is scraped from other websites online.

Paid Links: All search engines strictly ban the buying and selling of links. The Blackhat SEO will use these types of links in order to manipulate the PageRank. This is considered a link scheme and is in direct violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Abusing Structured Data or Rich Snippets: This is a rich snippet and schema that will allow you to change the content and how it is displayed on search engines. This is a great way to make your content stand out. A Blackhat will use this to provide inaccurate information to entice more visitors to their pages.

Link Farms: Blackhat SEO uses link farms to get more links for their website so they can rank higher.

Private Blog Networks. With Blackhat SEO they create a bunch of PBN in order to use these blog networks to add value and links to their blog site or web pages.

How To Legally Rank With Search Engines:

Search Experience
: Website search engines want people who visit your site to have an experience and make sure that your site isn’t spamming them. The search engines use manual or algorithms to determine which sites use Blackhat SEO and which sites offer an experience to the visitors.

Content: Create great content that will add quality and value to your reader’s experience. You need to create a good user experience on your website.

Link Building: Spend time to build relationships with other website owners and legally link your pages to their pages.

Do you or have you ever used Blackhat SEO to try and rank higher with search engines?